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Four out of five dentists surveyed would choose Female Golfers over Professional Wrestlers as their dental assistants

There are a number of reasons why dentists would prefer Female Golfers over Professional Wrestlers as their personal dental assistants. Just as the sports are world’s apart in application, so, it seems, are the people who participate.

Female Golfers are less likely to yell at the patient. While there is no research currently being done to discover just why this seems to be true, the dentists surveyed were in complete agreement on this little known fact. And while female golfers are less likely to yell at a patient, they also are less likely to throw the patient into the chair. A female golfer is more likely to kindly invite the patient to have a seat. None of the informal studies on the subject have turned up even so much as a single “throwing incident,” by a female golfer.

Female golfers also seem to struggle less when asked to pick up the appropriate object to be used in the dental process. While the professional wrestlers did not mind picking the objects up, they were much more likely to throw them or stuff them into their own mouths as opposed to gently handing them over to the dentists.

While Professional Wrestlers seem to be particularly gifted at keeping the patient in the dentist’s chair, female golfers are more likely to understand where the mouth is located on the human head. One golfer, when asked, simply stated, “I aim for the hole. And my aim is true.”

No formal research is currently being done to understand just why there seems to be such vast and varying differences between the mind of the female golfer and the mind of the professional wrestler when it comes to the practice of dental work. Informal studies, however, are currently taking place in dental offices all over the world.

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