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Five Golf Tips for New Golfers

As a novice golfer your understanding of the game of golf is probably limited to golf rules and the equipment that you need to play the game with. While you can probably get by for awhile with this basic information you will more than likely need to learn more about the game then just the basics, especially if you want to compete in a golf tournament some day.

Tip Number 1 – Know Where to Find Help

There are a lot of places where you can find golf help. The first place is to find a golfing coach. They will be able to provide you with instructions on how to properly grip the different golf clubs, which clubs to use and when, how to develop a good golf swing, and how to get the ball in the hole. They can also provide you with putting tips.

Tip Number 2 – Select a Club With the Right Sized Grip

One of the problems that can impair your swing and putting capabilities is the wrong sized golf grip. If you have larger hands then you know that standard sized golf grips feel small, and as a result your grip tends to be too tight. By gripping too tightly you create a number of problems that impair your swing including muscle fatigue. The size of your grip should be large enough to encourage a firm but not overly-tight grip.

Tip Number 3 – See How You Swing

Because your golf swing is one of the most important factors in determining how well you will perform in a golf game it is important to evaluate how well you swing your golf club. To do this you can set up a video camera and record a few practice swings. Review the tape and look for breaks in your form. Also look for signs that you are not balancing properly. If you don’t know what to look for, compare your swing form to that of good golfer.

Tip Number 4 – Know How High to Position the Golf Tee

The height of the golf tee is very important to the effectiveness of your tee off. In most cases you can use the height of your driver club face as your tee height gage. The bottom of the ball should be positioned so that at least 50 percent of the golf ball is looking over the top of the driver’s club face.

Tip Number 5 – Know All the Rules of the Games, Even the Weird Rules

If you are serious about becoming a good golfer then you need to learn all of the rules of the game, including the obscure rules that address once in a lifetime golfing situations. These golf rules can be found in golfing books published by the PGA, or in pamphlets provided by your local golf course or club. While you don’t necessarily need to memorize all the rules of the game, you should at least familiarize yourself with the most common rules.

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