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Do not invite poor people. This is probably one of the most important rules to keep in mind when planning your Charity Golf Tournament. While poor people are quite often the “life of the party,” in many tournament situations, they will not be helpful in this case. In the event that you have some rather poor relations who would like to be a part of the big day, you may refer to any number of golf etiquette books currently on the market to give you advice on just how to keep them from showing up. One way is to not tell them. Another is to accidentally give them the wrong city, calculating just how much travel time will be involved so that there isn’t an “accidental arrival,” at your event.

Do not advertise your event as a “Charity” event and then keep the money for yourself. This is generally frowned upon in Charity Event situations.

Do not arrive to work the next day in a brand new car. Even if the events are in no way connected, no one will trust you again.

Do not forget to have very pretty, young women standing at each hole to collect more money for your event. This is the one (and only) time when you may, in fact, invite your poor friends or relations. If they happen to be attractive women who have no problem standing on the golf course and raising money for a good cause, then really, you should invite them. Poor or not.

Do not hand out complimentary pink golf gloves to the male representatives of your event. While the game of golf becomes more and more progressive with each passing year, this will not make your attendees comfortable. In fact, do not hand out complimentary pink golf gloves at all.

While you may feel in over your head while planning your event, these simple guidelines should keep you from making embarrassing blunders. For more information on just what NOT to do at a Charity Golf Tournament, attend one or more before your big day.

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