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Golf Balls – Does the Brand Name Make a Difference?

While most golf balls seem to look the same on the outside, their insides can vary greatly from ball to ball and from manufacturer to manufacturer. When you shop for golf balls you need to understand what compression rate is right for you. The compression rate of the golf ball refers to the design of the ball’s core. The higher the compression rate the better the ball will perform on the golf course. If you are an advanced golfer then a high compression ball is probably your best option, especially for tournament action, and if you are a novice golfer then you should stick with a low compression ball. The compression composition of the golf ball should be printed on the golf balls’ box.

Now that you know what makes a golf ball unique the next question to ask yourself is if a Titleist logo golf ball is any better than a Top Flite, Callaway, Wilson, or Nike golf ball. Before you select any of these balls you should compare their core compositions side by side. See which brands offer high composition balls, and which ones specialize in low composition balls. Price will also probably influence your selection. These are brand name products so they will typically be more expensive than store brand golf balls.

If you are looking for a cheap golf ball then you can choose a store brand ball, or you can look for a recycled golf ball dealer. These dealers gather up golf balls from the driving range, use special equipment to clean the balls, and then they sell them back to the public at a bargain price. This is a great way to get a high quality ball at a lower price, if you are able to tell what type of ball it is before you buy it.

If you are in the market for a unique golf ball then you can special order custom golf balls. When you order a custom golf ball you usually can select what color you want, what golf ball pattern you want, if you want a logo or slogan printed on the ball, or if you want your name printed on the ball. Novelty golf balls are also available. They make great gag gifts for golfers, or they can be just a great way to add a little fun to your golf game.

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