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Golf etiquette

In all sports there are rules. But golf is a little different. The game of golf has some rules, but it also has a code of etiquette. Golf etiquette is very important. If you are on professional golf courses, not following the right etiquette can get you banned from future rounds. And when you are playing with someone you don’t know very well, a client for example, not following the etiquette is very unimpressive. If you are not familiar with golf etiquette or you need a refresher course, then read on.

The first set of golf etiquette is safety related. Golf can be a somewhat dangerous sport and it is important to follow safety rules. Be aware of those around you and don’t swing until you make sure you have plenty of room. Don’t start the hole until the group ahead of you has finished and moved onto the next hole. Never throw your clubs in anger. In addition, should you choose to use a golf cart, be sure to follow the posted golf cart rules.

The second set of golf rules is all about being respectful to the other golfers. These golf etiquette tips include keeping a good pace by being ready to play when it is your turn, allowing other golfers to play through if they are faster than you, repairing all divots and ball marks and raking the sand traps after use. These rules help all golfers to observe behavior that is courteous to the other players and groups.

The final set of golf rules is mainly to keep good manners on the course. Never talk during another golfer’s swing as this can be distracting. Be aware of your shadow on the putting green and keep it out of the way of those who are putting. Never walk through another putter’s putting line. It is much better to walk behind the putter and their ball. As you can see, observing proper golf etiquette is easy to do and will keep your golf outings enjoyable and conflict-free.

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