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While most golfers spend a great deal of money on their golf wear, not every golfer spends enough money on their golf outerwear. This is strange because most local golf courses are located in climates that have less than perfect conditions throughout most of the year. If you are a serious golfer and you don’t want to let rain or wind interrupt your game, then you may want to spend some time and money shopping for the correct golf outerwear.

The first piece of clothing that you need to shop for is a warm layering piece. Pull-on sweaters and cardigans are great options. They can easily be tied around your waist when the sun is out and then easily slipped on over your head when the weather turns chilly. Cashmere is a good material to look for in a sweater no matter what type of climate you play in.

The second piece of apparel that you need to shop for is golf headwear. Your golf headwear collection should include a knit cap for late fall and early spring golfing, a cap for sunny days, and a visor for partly cloudy days. If you play with a visor on, if you play without a cap, if you have long hair, or if you have thinning hair, then you will also want to pick up a spray on hair conditioner with SPF.

The third piece of outerwear that you will want to add to your golf wardrobe is a jacket. In fact, you will want to add a few jackets to your golf wardrobe. Your first jacket should be a light weight windbreaker. This is for warm windy days. Next you will need a waterproof jacket for rainy days. Finally you will want to pick up a warmer jacket for cold golf days at the beginning or at the end of the golf season.

In addition to these main pieces you will also want to add outerwear accessories to your golf wardrobe that will protect your hands from the elements. Golfing gloves are a great accessory to add to your wardrobe. They not only keep your hands warm on cooler days, but they also help to reduce the slipperiness of your hands when they sweat.

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