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Golf Shoes Size and Style Guide

Selecting the right golf shoe is not as easy as simply picking the nicest looking shoe on the market. There are a lot of things that you need to take into consideration when shopping for golf shoes. Some of these factors include how long your foot is, how wide your foot is, what type of arch you have, and how you distribute weight on your foot. All of these factors will impact how your shoes fit and how you balance. If you select the wrong shoe for your foot then you can increase your chances of getting an injury and you can hurt your chances of golfing the perfect game.

Nike is a sports equipment and apparel manufacturer that offers several lines of golf shoes. Their golf shoe lines are separated into men, women, and junior lines. The men’s line offers saddle shoes, classical golf shoes, and spiked golf shoes. The women’s line includes styles that reflect classical golf style with a saddle shoe design, as well as designs that reflect a more athletic shoe style. The junior’s line includes both boy’s and girl’s styles in saddle and athletic themes.

Adidas is another sporting goods manufacturer that offers a line of golfing shoes. Their Adidas Golf – A3 Stripe Golf Shoe with Climaproof Technology is one of their best sellers. It offers a lightweight design that echoes classical style with a full-grain leather upper and waterproof coating. Adidas also offers a line of golf sandals. The Adidas Dakkano Golf Sandal retails for a little over $40 and it offers golfers a great alternative to the golf shoe for summer golfing adventures.

Getting a Good Price

Sports shoes are expensive and golf shoes are no exception. If you want to get the best price on your golf shoes then you need to shop around and compare prices. You will notice that prices for the same shoes are going to vary from store to store, as well as from season to season. To get the best prices shop in the off-season, however, if you need to buy a pair of golf shoes during golf season then you should look for special two for one sales, or golf blowout sales.

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