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Golf vacations in Ireland

Nearly everything you need to know about golfing in Ireland is only a click away. But don’t be too hasty in making your reservations. The question you need to be asking are, “how close is the golf course to the nearest pub?” and, “is there a pub on the golf course?” and, “how early do the pubs open near the golf course?” “How late do the pubs near the golf course stay open?” These important questions are often overlooked when one is planning their Ireland getaway.

The good news is that the pubs are not difficult to find in Ireland. From Spinners Inn to Crotty’s – you’ll hear the stories of the land and lore – you may be sitting right where Samuel Beckett, James Joyce, or Oscar Wilde sat while they crafted some of the world’s most impressive literature.

Planning your vacation to Ireland will be something to look forward to and don’t miss out on one of the critical reasons to visit.

Why not choose Ireland’s beauty, resources and history – and drink to her enchanting beauty? This is one lady whose glamour is true even before you’ve set your lips to your first pull of Stout.

Play well. Play Ireland.

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