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Golf Wedding Favors

If you are planning a golf themed wedding then there are a lot of simple touches that you can add to your wedding’s design to tie in the golf theme. Using golf themed guest favors, golf themed decorations, and golf themed wedding party gifts can really add a unique touch your wedding event. While adding golf themed items to your weddings design is important, you want to make sure that you don’t over do it.

The first thing that you think about when planning your golf themed wedding is what wedding decorations you need. Golf themed centerpieces can be a great touch to add to each of the tables at your reception. For example use a glass bowl filled with personalized golf balls with the bride and groom’s names on them and their wedding date. After the reception is over your guests can take these balls home as a souvenir of the day. Or use personalized golf balls as place holders.
Guest favors are another element of your wedding that you can give a golf twist. You may want to replace the traditional candy coated almonds in pretty bags with a netted bag with personalized golf balls and tees. Golf themed candy is another guest favor that you can hand out. Think white chocolate golf balls and dark chocolate putters.

In addition to creating a golf theme for your guest favors you also can create a golf theme for the gifts that you hand out to your wedding party. For your groomsmen gifts think about golf themed cuff links or a pass for a round of golf at a local golf course. For the bridesmaids think about golf themed cookie bouquets or a pass for a round of golf at a local golf course.

As you continue to plan for your wedding, don’t forget about your spouse-to-be. You already know that you each love the game of golf, otherwise why would you be planning a golf themed wedding, so why not give your significant other unique golf themed wedding gifts. Here you don’t want to be cheap. Think about buying your spouse-to-be the golf set of their dreams, or surprise them with a honeymoon to an exclusive golfing destination.

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