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How to clean golf balls

When you are out on the course, your golf balls can get very dirty. It’s a great idea to clean your golf balls from time to time to avoid negatively impacting the ball’s speed or spin. In addition, keeping your golf balls clean will make them easier for you to handle and is more aesthetically pleasing. Learn how to clean golf balls in this article.

It's a good idea to clean golf balls that you acquire used. Whether you find golf balls on the links or in a pawn shop or second hand shop, they probably need some shining up. Upon finding used golf balls, give them a good cleaning and they will be just like new. Let us show you how to clean golf balls so you can make the most out of used balls.

The first step in how to clean golf balls is selecting a cleaning method. There are many machines on the market that you can choose from. There are professional golf ball cleaning machines on all golf courses that you might choose to take advantage of. You might consider purchasing your own golf ball cleaner as well. Professional sized ones are available for purchase for your home. In addition, there are smaller and more affordable golf ball cleaners available. Some are even made to fit on your belt, so you always have it with you!

Of course, if you don’t have a golf ball cleaner, you can still have shiny golf balls. Consider cleaning your golf balls at home in a bucket of hot soapy water. This option is, of course, highly inexpensive and you can clean a large amount of balls at a time, unlike professional golf ball cleaners, which only clean one ball at a time. Let your financial preferences and time restrictions dictate the method of how to clean golf balls you choose.

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