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Golf Humor: How to Play Golf

This question was posed to a number of children of the age of seven. “How do you play the game of golf?” Their answers may give you more insight to the game than what you can learn from any instructor or book.

• “You play golf by going away all day Saturday and Sunday.” - Tommy

• “There’s a ball and it’s a hard ball that hurts your eye when it lands there.” –Stacey

• “You walk out and stand very still, and if you clap, it’s like this.” (Pats hands lightly together.) –G.T.

• “You don’t play golf unless Mommy is mad at you. But that doesn’t make sense, because Mommy is mad at you if you play golf, too.” -- Jill

• “Okay, there a little pokey thing and you can’t keep those in your pockets or your drawer, you have to let Mom and Dad have all of them. You can’t even hide them under your bed. You can’t. Their not yours.” –Eddy

• “So quietly.” –Sandy

• “With a big club that hits a little ball really hard. And some people are good and some people are bad, but that’s okay too.” –Sheila

• “Like Tiger Woods.” – Bob

• “I don’t know. I don’t know at all!” --J.T.

• “It’s really like Pool. Only you get to drive a car. Oh! And you can have beer sometimes.” –Michelle.

• “For a really long time.” -- Jesse.

• “My mom plays golf and she says that you have to stand like this,” (spreads her feet and leans forward a bit, pretending to putt.) “And if you are mad you pretend something is in your eye.” –Catheryn.

• “You have to be a grown up.” --Cragun

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