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How To Improve Your Health, Play Golf

How To Improve Your Health, Play Golf
By Dave Owen

If you are looking for a sport that can be very healthy, you should explore playing golf. It can be good for both your physical and mental health. It can get you out into the fresh air to commune with nature and, presuming that you do quite a bit of walking, get your blood pumping with a little exercise.

There are many organizations and doctors that will tell you golf is good for your health. One of the first to push this information is the United States Golf Association (U.S.G.A.). They will suggest that to get the most out of the outing, you should walk as much as possible instead of riding in the cart.

It may be little more convenient to ride between holes but, the walk will do you good. This will improve the circulation, get the heart rate up and stimulate some deep breathing, all of which will improve your well being.

Some of the proponents of walking include David Fay of the U.S.G.A., cardiologist Edward Palank, the Golf Science International, and the Northern Ohio Golf Association.

Mr Fay thinks that by walking the course, you are able to experience the most enjoyable part of the game.

Walking, as a form of exercise, is something that the American public is getting away from. It is a very simple task that can help keep us limber and active for many years. That is, if we take advantage of the effort.

Researchers conducting a study in Sweden have discovered that walking through the course during a game of golf is as 40 to 70% as intense a workout as an aerobics class. That is if one were to play all eighteen holes.

In another study, Edward Palank found that golfers who walked enjoyed better health due to a decreased level of bad cholesterol. At the same time, their good cholesterol remained steady. On the other hand, golfers that decided to ride the course in a cart did not show the positive results in their health condition.

Additionally, information released by Golf Science International indicates that 4 hours of golf created the equivalent activity to that of completing a forty five minute fitness class.

The Northern Ohio Golf Association, noted that the distance a golfer walks during the course of an 18 hold game, it is approximately that of three to four miles. That is considering the activities of wandering around hills, across greens and to the tees.

If I have not convinced you yet, you should try it for yourself. Play a full 18 holes and walk the entire distance rather than riding. At the end, consider how much of a difference you feel.

In these days of laziness, we should be looking for ways to easily improve our mental and physical health. One easy to accomplish this is to play golf without riding in the cart. Get out and walk a full 18 holes of golf and you will know that you have gotten a good bit of exercise.

Dave is the owner of Golf Information and Resources , where you find information and resources to help improve your golf game without pulling your hair out...

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