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Personalized Golf Balls Cheesy or Handy?

Personalized golf balls have a lot of uses. Not only can they be used as a great gift for that special golfer in your life, but they can also be used as a gag gift, a corporate gift, or as a promotional item. When you shop for your custom golf balls make sure that you keep the purpose of the golf balls in mind. 

Personalized and Novelty Golf Balls 

There are a lot of different golf gifts that you can hand out to golf enthusiasts. However, none are as customizable as personalized golf balls. You can either have the golfer's name printed on the balls or you can have one of their favorite sayings printed on the ball. If the person that you are shopping for has a great sense of humor you can also purchase novelty golf balls. These golf balls come in a variety of colors, themes, and styles. Some are designed for a gross-out effect, while others are designed for a good belly laugh. 

Corporate Gifts 

If you are looking for a great corporate gift for your workers then why not consider personalized golf balls. Have the name of your employees printed on the golf balls, or print a message of thanks on the balls. Another option is to print your company logo on the balls. 

Golf Tournament Gifts 

If you need to find golf tournament gifts then personalized golf balls are a great option. They are inexpensive gifts that can be given out as tee prizes or as grab bag gifts. Since you don't know who will be winning the personalized golf balls you can print the logo of the tournament on the ball instead of the golfer's name. 

Promotional Items 

In addition to using personalized golf balls as a golf themed gift, they can also be used as a promotional item. Simply print your company's logo and contact information on the balls and hand them out to your clients, vendors, and potential customers. These golf balls will be a fun reminder of who you are and how they can get a hold of you to place an order. 

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