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Protect your eyes with golf sun visors

Female golfers who want the sun protection a hat provides, but don’t want to be stuck with hat head when the game is over, should look no further for the latest trends and designs in golf sun visors. Wear a sun visor to maintain your hairstyle while keeping it and the sun away from your face and our of your eyes.

A sun visor can be a useful alternative to other types of golf head gear. Many golf sun visors are being designed with materials to minimize itchiness, and they also allow for more breathability. Look for sun visors in a variety of materials that will suit your needs and fit well within your usual playing environment, including foam, cotton, polyester blends, and spandex.

Along with less itchiness, sun visors also provide great protection from the sun while putting less pressure on your head so you don’t have to suffer with a headache and can concentrate on playing your best. You’ll also find golf sun visors in a variety of brim sizes to provide you with the visibility you need.

Today’s sun visors also are more fashionable and come with lots of options. Choose from different types of closures, such as Velcro, snaps, elastic, or even choose an open-backed style that slides on. Cute details, such as bows, ruffles, embroidery, logos or trim, add a flair of femininity. A variety of colors and patterns, including nautical, classic black and white, earth tones and bright shades, ensure that you’ll always be in fashion.

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