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Strengthening Exercise for Golf

Strengthening Exercise for Golf
By Mikee Dunn

You may have noticed that the last time you were at the driving range, your swing could not compare to those around you. Does that make them better golfers than you? No, it simply means that they are better trained than you are. What you need is a strengthening exercise for golf, and golf only. This is the case only because a strengthening exercise for golf is very different than a strengthening exercise for another sport. These exercises are not difficult, but expect to spend a little longer in the gym if you slack off early on.

No strengthening exercise for golf should take more than half an hour a day, for about three days a week. This is something that sounds easy, and it is. Remember, golfing requires the use of shoulders, back, wrists and elbows, so those are the parts of the body you should be working out. Sitting there working on your calves all day can help your appearance but it wont help your golf game.

This strengthening exercise for golf requires the use of isometrics. Isometrics is the practice of lifting a weight and holding it up for about ten seconds at a time. For example, a bench press with free weights can help your pectoral muscles grow. But instead of raising and lowering the bar countless times, you instead raise the bar once and hold it. Hold it. Hold it. Now lower it slowly. Rest a little and do this again two more times. That’s isometrics.

Strengthening Exercise for Golf Routine:

• Squats and lunges can help shape your hips which should be an important part of any golf swing. Do enough of these until you begin to feel a slight burning sensation.

• A bench press, as stated before, can help pectorals which are connected to the arms. Ideally, you should use free weights instead of a bar, and you should only lift however much you can. Don’t push yourself to your limits. This is not a contact sport where you must be stronger than your opposition. Lift and hold for ten seconds, let go, rest, and repeat twice.

• A wrist curl can be a golfer’s best friend if they have club control issues. Using a free weight, curl your wrist upwards and hold for ten seconds. Let go and relax for a minute or so. Do this over again twice more.

• For help with your weak swing, a row machine can help you out drastically. Start off with both arms hold, release, relax and repeat as usual. If you want to increase your swing without increasing weight, row yourself forward using just one arm at a time.

• Remember to always stretch before and after any workout.

A strengthening exercise for golf seems really easy now that you see how it’s done, right? These are tips that anyone can try whether you’re a professional player on a major golf tour or just a member of a country club.

This is a sample workout for a strengthening exercise for golf for any golf enthusiast who has the time and the determination to do so. http://www.squidoo.com/golftrainingexercise/

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