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Top 40 things a Woman does not want to hear a Man say on (or off) the golf course:

1. “Nice pants.”
2. “I remember my first set of golf clubs.”
3. “I see you got your hair done.”
4. “Does your instructor know you’re out here?”
5. “I can only assume your husband taught you to golf.”
6. “Hey! Check me out!”
7. “Are you too tired to walk? I could get you a cart.”
8. “That’s it… nice and easy.”
9. “No need to cry about it.”
10. “Nice top.”
11. “Oh, that’s cute.”
12. “Now, just watch me.”
13. “I’ll teach you everything you want to know.”
14. “I’ve been playing this game a long time.”
15. “You can have a ‘do over.’”
16. “I’ll bet yer real pretty when yer not in those clothes.”
17. “Here. Let me show you.”
18. “Check out my balls! They’re new!”
19. “You remind me of my mother.”
20. “Nice Stance.”
21. “Oooh! That one’s gonna hurt!”
22. “Am I talking too loud?”
23. “Are you gals just havin’ a girl’s day out?”
24. “Wish I had a swing like that in my backyard.”
25. “Boys, this girl looks like she might know what she’s doin’.”
26. “Just relax honey, eventually you’ll get it.”
27. “You might want to watch me play this one first.”
28. “Hey, little filly! Daddy’s playin’ through!”
29. “Want a warm beer?”
30. “Nice shoes.”
31. “I think I’ve seen you before… in my dreams.”
32. “It’s not about the score… it’s about scoring.”
33. “(Cough!) Whoops! Did I startle you?”
34. “You might want some different clubs.”
35. “Now, don’t tire yourself out on the first swing.”
36. “Did I show you my balls?”
37. “It’s awfully nice of your husband to let you play.”
38. “Hey. After, let’s head back for a drink and I’ll teach you a few things.”
39. “I thought this was a private course.”
40. “Nice balls.”

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