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Golf Tournament Gifts What Golfers Want Most

A golf tournament is a great way to entertain your staff or raise money for a charity. If you want to offer your participants golf tournament gifts then you have a lot of options to choose from. When you start shopping for your golf tournament gifts keep in mind your budget, the people entered in the tournament, and the purpose of the tournament. 

One of the most popular types of golf tournaments is the charity tournament. The purpose of this type of golf tournament is to raise money, so your consolation gifts need to be relatively inexpensive or donated. Some of the items that you can use for your charity tournament's complementary or consolation gifts include beverage coolers, golf tees, golf balls, stickers, and coupons to local vendors. While your small gifts needs to be cheap, your major prizes for the tournament should be substantial enough to encourage a lot of people to enter the tournament. Golf trips, golf bags, golf apparel, and golfing packages are all great prizes to offer. You will usually need to recruit sponsors to donate these prizes. 

If you are hosting a corporate event then most of your golf gifts will probably be corporate promotional products like corporate apparel. When you start putting together your gift list you should include gift ideas for goody bags, tee prizes, worst golfer, best golfer, and tournament winner. Not every prize has to be a thing, you can also offer a day off with pay, or a dinner for two at a local restaurant. These events are intended to encourage corporate loyalty and team spirit so keep that in mind when determining how many gifts will be given out and what types of prizes will be offered. 

Communities can also host golf tournaments to raise money or encourage community involvement. Here the gifts will most likely be donated by local vendors and companies. Some of the smaller items may include golf accessories like golf tees and golf balls, while the grand prize for winning the tournament should be something grander like a year's membership to the local country club, or a special golf weekend getaway. 

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